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Stories & Testimonials

Michelle and Todd Vician "Angela taught us more than just the dance steps, she taught us the importance of relaxing and enjoying the moments of our first dance. We learned the basic moves and how to blend them together, but we never felt like we were performing a strict, choreographed routine. And, thanks to Angela, we focused on the fun of the dance rather than the memorization of steps and counts. We enjoyed it very much and plan to return for brush-ups prior to attending some weddings this summer!"
Michelle & Todd Vician
"Angela was wonderful! She helped us hone our waltzing skills, and our first dance was unforgettable." Eric& Tamara
Eric and Tamara
Katie and Carl Nelson "Carl and I had a great time taking the Wedding Reception Survival class. Our friends were cheering during our first dance when Carl spinned me. We didn't miss a step either! Thanks Angela!"
Katie & Carl Nelson
"We would definitely recommend your class to any friend. You really gave us a lot of confidence in ourselves as dancers - we not only learned to enjoy dancing, but we felt really good about dancing in front of people!"
Sharon and Josh Stevenson Photo Album
"We really enjoyed working with Angela. She is patient, good at what she does, and loves her work. We were able to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time, which was very helpful for us. Our first dance went really well. It flowed easily, and we knew what we were doing. We got lots of compliments!"
Paul Vick and Andrea Sigler
"Angela made learning to dance fun and simple. After just a few lessons, our group learned enough moves to make us look like we had danced for years! Angela is professional, personable and upbeat, and best of all, she can teach virtually anyone to dance."
Jim Kennelly - St Joseph's Parish
"Angela, I can't think to tell you how wonderful our lesson was!!!! The only other time I ever took dance lessons was in a huge group and it just didn't take, so I came to your studio with much willingness but not much expectation. To say I am thrilled to be able to dance that well with Jeni is almost more wonderful than the whole idea of getting to finaly have our wedding ceremony after 20 years together and 17 years of being married! I can't thank you enough! Bravo for your skill, for your help and for making me feel so comfortable for the entire hour! A priceless experience!"
Jim Hunter

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