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Frequently Asked Questions

We've chosen a song for our first dance, but we don't know how to dance to it. Can you help us?
Yes! Bring your music in, and we'll figure it out on the spot. You can start working on your dance right away.

How many private lessons do you suggest?
Everyone has different needs, depending on schedules, budget, and your vision of how you want that first dance to be. If you need to squeeze in that last minute lesson just to make sure you're not stepping on each others' toes, no problem! If time and budget allow, take two or three lessons and craft your dance with a few more moves, a beginning and ending. If you would like something more choreographed, you should count on at least three or four lessons. Really, anything goes, and I will be happy to work with you within your budget and time frame.

We already know how to dance; can you help us with some fine tuning?
I can give you some simple combinations of moves you already know that flow well together. We can also add some new moves, and a nice beginning and ending. I suggest keeping this dance fun and easy. The main thing is enjoying each other and the moment.

What should we wear for our dance class?
Shoes are important: wear shoes that will glide easily on a hardwood floor. Check the shoes that you are planning on wearing to make sure that they won't grip the floor - leather soles tend to work best, but any smooth sole should work just fine. Also, dancing can be aerobic, so wear cool, comfortable clothes.

What about learning some other dance styles so that we can dance together during our reception?
My Wedding Reception Survival Class would be perfect for you! These are group classes (you get to stay with your own partner) where you learn the basics of Slow Dance, Swing, and Foxtrot. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual, and it's fun to be learning with other brides and grooms-to-be.

Is your Wedding Reception Survival Class just for brides and grooms-to-be?
No! This class is great for anyone planning on attending a wedding or special event where dancing is involved, and you want to have fun on the dance floor. If you are the bride or groom-to-be, ask your wedding party and your parents to join you! This is a class for couples, so they will need to have a partner.

Will we have to trade partners in your Wedding Reception Survival class?
No. You get to stay with your own partner the whole time, except when the instructor cuts in for a dance!

What if we forget all of our moves on the big day?
As long as you are gazing into each other's eyes, no one will be watching your feet...relax!

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